Frugality fan is no longer a wallflower

Working for a company that helps people with debt has always made me feel a little like a wallflower.  Sure, people are really glad I'm there when they need me.  Until then, they’d rather I just take my budgeting materials and fade into the backdrop. 

For the most part, I have largely rejected the speak-only-when-spoken-to mentality.  Because while is great to help people recover from financial problems, my 50-year-old nonprofit is also very interested in preventing problems from ever occurring.  So, like the scrawny kid in the back row, I've been raising my hand and shouting “Pick me! Pick me!” for years.  

But recently, something’s changed. 

I’ve detected subtle shifts in the lunchroom at work, at the checkout line at the thrift store, and even as I gathered around the holiday tree.  My suspicions were confirmed at the recent Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston when BlogHer Founder Lisa Stone identified frugality as an up-and-coming trend.   It was all I could do from jumping up and yelling “Sweet!” (people do still say that, right?!) for being picked first.

So, how can I help you become a frugal trend-setter?  We’ve got articles, live webinars, webcasts, videos, quizzes, fun microsites, serious microsites, education programs, self-paced courses, teacher resources, forms and worksheets, calculators, advice columns, online counseling, face to face counseling, phone counseling, gadgets, a blog (obviously), tweets, and (coming soon!) an eBook.

Finally, frugality is the ugly duckling that has turned into a swan.   Sweet!


Kim McGrigg is the former Manager of Community and Media Relations for MMI.