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Loans and Debt Management Advice

MMI Services that can help:

  • A Debt Management Plan is one way MMI can help you resolve your credit problems and repay your debt.

  • Student loan debt can be impossible to manage if you’re not aware of your options.  MMI can identify available resources and help you create a plan to get student loan debt under control.

Featured Loans and Debt Management Advice Resources

Financial Webinars

Find out how to build savings or manage income by viewing a financial webinar.
Credit serves a very important role in our economy. Without credit, most people would not be able to own cars or homes.  During your lifetime, it is likely that you will have many types of loans with several different lenders. Taking on a loan is a big responsibility, so it is important to learn how to manage your loans and debt. Learn how to easily manage your loans and debt with our loan management articles, quizzes, tools, and more. Let Money Management help you take control of your loans today.


Popular Loans and Debt Management Advice Resources

How do you know when a little “acceptable” debt becomes a potentially dangerous situation? For some, the crisis is clear, but for many, the clues are subtle. Take this quick quiz to assess your debt situation. More
Today’s uncertain economic environment has left many Americans feeling unstable. A strong majority feel their family is affected by the current economic conditions. Taking steps to better your overall financial well-being is more important than ever. More
Posted In: Economy,Loans & Credit

Credit is often considered negative; however, most of us need to use credit at some point in our lives–to purchase a home, finance a college education, or buy a car.


If you are overwhelmed by debt, one of the first steps you’ll need to take to organize your finances is to determine exactly how much you owe, and to whom.

Posted In: Budgeting Advice
Like race car drivers, people who focus too much attention on “hitting the wall” often find themselves in the position they feared most. The same can be said about focusing too much on debt and other obstacles hindering financial success. Instead of focusing too much on the possibility of failure or “hitting the wall,” concentrate on reaching financial freedom. More
The complex nature of our turbulent economy leaves many consumers feeling confused and powerless. While it’s important for consumers to try to understand what’s going on in our national economy, it is even more important that they empower themselves to take good care of their personal economies – their monthly income, expenses, and investments. More

Most of the news stories are centered on the negatives of debt, but in reality, there are plenty of positive aspects of personal debt.


How should I choose a credit card and credit card company? How can I review my credit history? Is consumer debt always bad or can debt be used responsibly? Why should I be concerned with mortgage or credit card loan terms? Which credit laws will help me correct billing errors?

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If you have multiple loan options, shopping for the best and cheapest loan can be complicated, and there are many different factors you’ll have to consider.

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