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Safe online shopping habits can help protect you from becoming a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud.

Are you a safe online shopper? Take our quiz to find out! Once you have submitted your answers, click this link to view the safe online shopping quiz answers and see how your online shopping habits measure up.

Please fill out the form below.

  1. Do you shop around for websites that have the best deals or do you stick to sites that you know and trust?  
     I shop around for the best deal.  
     I only buy from websites that I know well.  
  2. When shopping online, which form of payment do you use?  
     Credit card  
     Debit card  
  3. A spoofed email that appears to be from a trusted source that attempts to obtain personal information such as Social Security numbers, credit card information, usernames, and passwords. What is the name of this cybercrime?  
  4. If you are shopping online and your Web browser displays “https” in the URL and a closed padlock symbol, you know for sure that they website you are on is legitimate and it is completely safe to shop there.  
  5. Do you ever shop online from free, public Wi-Fi hotspots or Internet cafés?  
     No, never.  
     Yes, sometimes.  
  6. When filling out a vendor form to complete an online transaction, how much information do you typically provide?  
     I provide only the information required after checking the website’s privacy policy to see how my information will be used.  
     I fill in the required information plus some fields that are not required.  
  7. Many websites will ask you to create an account with them in order to make a purchase. When you create a new account online, what type of password do you normally associate with the account?  
     I use a similar password for all of my accounts that is easy to remember.  
     My password is usually complex and contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.