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Our Client Asked:

Dear Advice Team,

What best advice would you give me for a career as a credit counselor. Is there a school? a degree? a certification? Would it make sense to be a loan officer first? It seems like a rewarding career and hoping you can lead me in the right direction. Thanks! -Charles

Thank you for your interest! Being a credit counselor is very rewarding.

Here are some excerpts from the job description:

  • Counselors are responsible for establishing cou More...

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Having a healthy credit score can be the difference between reaching your financial dreams and coming up short. Building strong credit starts with understanding what credit is, how it's reported, and what you can do to prove your creditworthiness.
Living underneath the burden of debt is a scary place to be. But there is a way out. First, we will look at the far-reaching impact of debt. Then, we will help you understand your personal situation and relationship with debt. Finally, we will give you the tips and tools you need to create your own plan that can set you on the path to financial freedom.
Posted in: Debt Repayment

Prosperity and success are what many entrepreneurs envision when they start their own business. However, it takes more than a vision for your business to succeed. Capital, the money needed to start, operate, and grow a business is important, as is managing your personal finances while balancing the demands of your business.

Posted in: Extra Income

Saving money on food doesn’t have to be hard work. Making just some small changes can net big rewards to your pocketbook.

Follow these tips and watch great things happen to your money.

Posted in: Saving, Budgeting Advice
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