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SUCCESS NewsletterFebruary 14 2013 newsletter
Four ways to make Valentine's Day your own 

Take an alternative approach to Valentine's Day

By Jesse Campbell, Copywriter

Admit it.

Seriously. This is a safe place. No one’s going to judge you. Just let it out.

You really don’t like Valentine’s Day, do you?

It’s okay. A lot of people feel the same way. It’s not that you don’t agree with the idea of cherishing a loved one or celebrating a significant relationship. It’s that dinner reservations are a pain, roses seem to wilt in a matter of hours and those “fancy” chocolates you bought taste suspiciously like overstuffed Rolos.

For a lot of us, the traditions of a modern Valentine’s Day don’t really reflect our values – or, more importantly, the things we enjoy as individuals and as couples.

So why not try something different? Why not cast off the shackles of candy hearts and create something new – something special just for you and yours? This year, if the traditional Valentine’s Day doesn’t really do it for you, create your own alternative version. Here are a few suggestions...

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Love yourself this Valentine's Day
and break up with debt for good!

As you've probably suspected for a long time now, Debt only cares about one thing: himself. 

He used to act like he cared about you, but that was all a show.

Don't feel bad about it.  Feel glad that you finally see Debt for what he is: a self-serving jerk!

And now's the time to take it one step further.  Now's the time to finally break up with debt.  For good.  Forever!

In the meantime, go ahead and follow Debt on Facebook. If you ever start to forget what was so bad about Debt in the first place don't worry - he'll remind you.

And if you need to vent? Do it! Tell Debt right to his face. Tell him it’s over and that you’re done with him. What could be more gratifying?

Break up with debt

Certified Jerk

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Nine fun dates that won't break the bank 

When the economy is struggling and money is tight it's easy to just say "We can't afford to go out."  But you work hard and it's important to reward yourself. 

Never fear!  The following date ideas prove that frugal and fun can go hand-in-hand!

  1. Two-for-one. Challenge yourself and your date to have a coupon-only day! There are a lot of good deals to be found. If you have an idea for a place you want to go, visit their website for specials and discounts. If you can’t think of anything, check out sites such as Groupon and Living Social or grab the coupon book from your mail.
  2. Get thrifty. Thrift stores are fun for many reasons. First of all, you’ll never get bored people-watching. And secondly, you’re bound to come across some interesting items if you look hard enough. Think of it as a treasure hunt. And the person who makes the best “discovery” wins!
  3. Frolic in the park. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the great outdoors the way you did as a kid – swing on the swings, feed the ducks and throw the Frisbee around.
  4. Soak up some culture. Visit a local museum or art exhibit. Admission fees are usually minimal, and it’s a great way to explore your own city. On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about the conversation falling flat – just move on to the next exhibit!
  5. Gaze at the stars. Stargazing can be romantic and magical on a mild, clear evening. Just make sure you have bug spray and somewhere comfortable to sit. Bring along some tasty treats and a bottle of bubbly if you’re really looking to impress!
  6. Set the stage. Go see a local theater production. Even if it’s at a local high school or church, you’d be surprised how fun these events can be.
  7. Hit the rink. Whether it’s ice skating or roller-skating, this one is a classic – even if you’re not in middle school! So let your hair down, lace up those skates and have fun!
  8. Show your best side. Lend a helping hand by volunteering at a soup kitchen or retirement home. You could even head over to an animal shelter and pet the cats or play with the pups. There’s really nothing more enjoyable than getting to spend time together while putting a smile on someone else’s face.
  9. Whip up some love. Host a dinner where you each create your favorite dish for the other person. You can either cook your dishes together or separately, but the end result will be a delectable evening that’s heavy on love, and light on green.     

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