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SUCCESS NewsletterApril 18 2013 newsletter
The Do-It-Yourself Debt Management Plan 

Young couple saving money through DIY project

By Jesse Campbell, Copywriter

There’s something very satisfying about completing DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. You’ve accomplished something that an expert or professional would normally do for you and you’ve saved yourself some money in the process (…probably).

Just the other day I was faced with a toilet that wouldn’t stop running. Rather than cave in to societal pressure and call the maintenance man, I reviewed the symptoms, went online, found some possible solutions, made the suggested adjustments and voila! No more running. (Literally. At all. The maintenance man said he’d never see anyone purposefully do that to a toilet before. “It’s crazy, right?” I said. “I still can’t figure out how the dog did that.”)

If you’ve got a knack for DIY and an unhealthy amount of debt that you’d like to pay down, you may want to consider putting together a do-it-yourself debt management plan.

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Financial Literacy Month: the eBook
The feeling of debt freedom

Financial Literacy Month is more than halfway over, but you can take the pledge to change your financial future anytime!

April is National Financial Literacy Month - and April is quickly coming to an end!  Fortunately, you can take the 30 steps to financial wellness any time you like.  Just download our free eBook entitled Financial Literacy: Your 30 Step Path to Financial Wellness and start the journey when you're ready!

 Ask the Experts

"Is it legal for creditors to call me at work?"


 Dear Jaclyne,

First, it’s important to differentiate between the terms “creditor” and “debt collector.” While the two may seem synonymous, they are actually very different in the eyes of the law.

Creditors, or “original creditors,” are the original party to which you owe money, such as a credit card company, auto dealership, etc. Debt collectors, on the other hand, are collection agencies or firms that exist for the primary purpose of collecting bad debts that have been turned over to them by the original creditors.

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Sharpen Your Financial Skills with Online Courses

The goal of our highly trained professionals is to arm you with the knowledge necessary to take control of your financial situation. Our online seminars stress the development of skills that can assure long-term success. Take the first step toward financial wellness by enrolling in a Web seminar today!

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In-Person Workshops Are Also Available In The Following Areas:

Alaska | Arizona | California | Connecticut | Colorado | Idaho | Illinois | Louisiana | Maine | Massachusetts | Mississippi | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Texas - Fort Worth Area | Texas - Houston Area | Virginia | Greater Washington D.C. | Washington State

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About Money Management International

Money Management International (MMI) is a nonprofit, full-service credit counseling agency, providing confidential financial guidance, financial education, counseling, and debt management assistance to consumers since 1958. MMI helps consumers trim their expenses, develop a spending plan, and repay debts. Counseling is available by appointment in branch offices and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone and Internet. Services are available in English or Spanish. To learn more, call
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Last minute retirement savings strategies

If you are getting close to retirement and don’t feel comfortable with the amount of money you have saved, you aren't alone. Studies show that relatively few workers feel confident that they have enough money saved for retirement. If you are in the majority, and do not feel confident in the amount of money you have saved for retirement, there are some strategies you can use to “catch-up".

  • Catch up retirement contributions.  If you are 50 or over, and are current participating in a 401(k) plan, you may be eligible to make catch-up contributions to your 401(k). Catch-up contribution provisions also exist for those who contribute to IRAs. For more information, visit
  • Save extra in non-retirement accounts.  You can also save extra money in your other, non-retirement accounts for later use. Revisit your budget, and see where there are areas that you can cut back in order to free up extra money for savings. You could also take another job now, or find other ways to create more income.
  • Change your retirement investment strategy.  Another way you can work to increase your retirement investments is to revisit and possibly change your investment strategy. Either analyze your own accounts, or visit with a personal finance professional to discuss your investment strategies. Seniors should review their investment strategies and rebalance their account at least once per year.
  • Postpone your retirement. Working even one year longer than planned can make a big financial difference. You might also consider working in a different capacity, such as becoming a consultant. Don’t rule out the possibility of embarking on an entirely different career path.
  • Research other income sources. Estimate your potential Social Security benefit amount by using the calculators at Consider starting a business that you can handle while “retired.”

Is retirement a long way off for you?  It's still something you should be thinking about!   Take a look at these longterm retirement options and make it a priority to start saving as soon as possible.

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