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What the housing forecast means for you

Housing outlook

By Jessica Horton, Copywriter

According to figures from a recent National Association of Realtors report, the housing market is showing signs of stabilizing.

Home values rose in 74 out of 146 metropolitan areas in the first quarter of 2012, according to the report. In addition, NAR predicts that total home sales will increase 7 to 10 percent in 2012, which would be a welcome shift for homeowners who are looking to sell.

While this optimistic outlook is certainly good news for sellers, what does it mean for buyers? You may be surprised by the answer.  Continue reading


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What is your credit report secretly saying about you?

Your credit report is primary indicator of your financial character. It plays a rold in everything from the type of home you whether you will get that job offer. With something is so important, do you think you could benefit from learning more about it? We do! Which is why we are offering a free webinar to help you learn: how to read your credit report, how to check for inaccuracies, how to improve your credit score and much more. Sign up today!

Learn more about our free Credit Report and Score webinar 



Financial Education learn more


Sharpen Your Financial Skills with Free Online Courses

The goal of our highly trained professionals is to arm you with the knowledge necessary to take control of your financial situation. Our online seminars stress the development of skills that can assure long-term success. You will gain the peace of mind that comes from improved spending habits, increased savings, and the wise use of credit. Take the first step toward financial wellness by enrolling in a Web seminar today!

Learn More


In-Person Workshops Are Also Available In The Following Areas:

Arizona | California | Connecticut | Colorado | Illinois | Louisiana | Maine | Massachusetts | Mississippi | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Texas - Fort Worth Area | Texas - Houston Area | Virginia | Greater Washington D.C. | Washington State

View upcoming financial education workshops



What we've learned
from our clients

At Money Management International (MMI), we believe that no voice speaks louder than the voice of the customer.

The services we offer are meant to improve the lives of our clients – whether it is through debt and budget counseling, housing counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, bankruptcy education or our education workshops – which is why we place such a strong emphasis on client satisfaction.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our quality of service and enhance our clients’ experience. As a result, we created an initiative focused on increasing and maintaining customer satisfaction. We have implemented steps that include surveying clients, monitoring and analyzing the results and – most importantly – creating and executing action plans that allow us to improve upon all of the areas addressed in the client survey.

The feedback we have received from our clients has been increasingly positive since beginning this initiative in 2010. The courteousness and professionalism of MMI’s counselors continuously receives high rankings. And as a result of our ongoing efforts, we are proud to report a steady increase year-over-year in “completely satisfied” MMI customers. In fact, the number of satisfied customers has reached an all-time high in 2012.

While we take pride in the positive feedback we received, we also recognize that there are areas in which we can improve. One of our primary areas of focus for the year has been improving the timeliness of all follow-up communication. 

The efforts we have taken to ensure we meet this goal have prompted the following positive feedback from our clients:

  • "I was so pleased with the prompt response and genuine care of the MMI rep. It was a stressful process seeking help to manage my credit card debt. The rep's follow through and clarity in explanations provided me with assurance and trust in this process."
  • “My MMI representative has been wonderful - accessible, receptive, prompt and thorough. This is a great program, and my interactions to date with the representatives has made it even more great."
  • "I would like to send kudos to Cassandra W. Sandy was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. She provided me with all the information I requested in a very timely manner. Sandy made this process very seamless."

We are thrilled that we are able to not only listen to our clients’ feedback, but to also implement the changes that will ultimately improve our clients’ experience with MMI. But we’re not stopping here! This positive feedback only increases our drive and commitment to providing superior support and service to our clients.

MMI Debt Management Plan Client Corner
Tips for Success

Don't risk missing a payment-sign up for DepositDirect. DepositDirect Authorization allows us to withdraw your deposit from your bank account and save time and money each month. It's secure, convenient and easy! Enroll online today!

Update your account balances online. When you receive your monthly statement from your creditors, login to your MMI account and update your balances. It is important that we have the most accurate balance information possible on file. 

If you would like more information about signing up for a Debt Management Plan through Money Management International, visit

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Money Management International (MMI) is a nonprofit, full-service credit counseling agency, providing confidential financial guidance, financial education, counseling, and debt management assistance to consumers since 1958. MMI helps consumers trim their expenses, develop a spending plan, and repay debts. Counseling is available by appointment in branch offices and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone and Internet. Services are available in English or Spanish. To learn more, call
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