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Holiday Money Saving Tips & Advice

MMI Services that can help:

  • MMI offers a wide variety of financial services to help improve your financial life. No matter what your financial situation, we can help you to establish an plan of action for achieving your financial goals.

  • MMI offers free budget and debt counseling to those who need help with budgeting, money management skills, and credit issues.

Free holiday gift certificates

Holiday gift certificate

Give your friends and family something valuable this season without breaking the bank. We've made it easy with these free, custom holiday gift certificates.

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eBook: Thrifty Thanksgiving

Are you thankful for friends, food and frugality?
Then feast your eyes on this free eBook.

Thrifty Thanksgiving  

Download Thrifty Thanksgiving

When do you prefer to do your holiday shopping?

eBook: New Beginnings

Resolve to take control of your finances in 2012 with help from this guide to making and (most importantly) keeping your financial resolutions.

Resolutions eBook 

Download New Beginnings

The holidays are a time for celebrating, not stressing. Money Management can help you save for the holidays with money saving tips and plans that will fit easily into your current budgeting program. From thrifty Thanksgiving meal ideas to financial resolutions you'll be able to stick to past January, we've got you covered. It’s never too early to start saving - begin your holiday savings plan today.

Popular Holiday Money Saving Tips & Advice Resources

When thinking about holiday spending, most people typically fast-forward to December’s big budget busting holidays. However, it pays to think thrifty all season long—starting with Thanksgiving.

Posted In: Cutting Costs,Holiday
Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for friends, family, and the good fortune you’ve experienced throughout the year. More

Saving money on food doesn’t have to be hard work. Making just some small changes can net big rewards to your pocketbook.

Layaway is a payment plan option for buying big ticket items in installments without using a credit card. If you are considering using a layaway plan consider these tips. More
Posted In: Cutting Costs,Holiday

The credit counselors at MMI created this Web site to help you get through the season with your budget and your sanity in tact.


Money Management International's personalized gift certificates are a great way to show people you care. And, best of all, this gift giving resource is FREE!

Posted In: Family,Events

When planning a party, it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to impress with glitz and glitter and overspend. However, it is possible to throw a great party while staying within your budget. Here’s some advice on throwing a fun, yet frugal, party your friends will remember.


There are two ways to improve your financial situation: spend less or earn more. During the holiday season, however, when expenses tend to mount, earning more money may be your best option.

Posted In: Extra Income,Holiday

Five ways you can save some green by going green this holiday season.

Financial difficulties have far-reaching impacts that are even harder felt during the holiday season. It is understandable why so many people—particularly those with children— push thoughts about their financial issues aside during the holiday season. More

A free guide to getting your finances in order for the new year.