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Financial Advice for Couples

MMI Services that can help:

  • There's more to purchasing your first home than simply saving for a down payment. MMI can help you understand the lending process and provide information to assist you in making important decisions for financing your home.
  • A Debt Management Plan is one way MMI can help you resolve your credit problems and repay your debt.

Featured Financial Advice for Couples Resources


 Download your free copy: Love and Money ebook

 Love and Money eBook


Love and money matters


What is the maximum amount of money you would spend before first discussing the purchase with your partner?


Becoming a couple changes your financial situation. Whether you are in a serious relationship, newlyweds, or tied the knot years ago, there is an undeniable stress that comes from mixing love and personal finance.

Avoid financial problems and start making plans for your future together with Money Management’s financial tips and advice for couples. Find the resources you need to stay committed to successful financial planning together.


Popular Financial Advice for Couples Resources

Money does matter when it comes to having a happy, healthy relationship so couples should try to devote time to improving their financial standing. A little honest communication could keep your relationship from becoming a statistic.

Posted In: Love & Money,Family

We all know that communication is crucial in developing a healthy financial relationship, yet it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Since taking the time to talk is a great investment in your financial future, consider starting with the following 10 topics.

Posted In: Love & Money,Family

When you and your partner are busy balancing everything in your lives, sometimes financial planning can fall to the wayside. Following are 10 quick tips about financial planning together for when life gets hectic.

Posted In: Love & Money

Your guide to the coupling of finance and romance.

Posted In: Family

Have you found your perfect life partner? Before you walk down the aisle and commit to spending the rest of your lives together, you need to discuss how you will be spending your money as husband and wife.

Posted In: Family