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If you’re finding your student loans are too much to handle, you're not alone.

Today, there are approximately 37 million Americans holding nearly 1 trillion dollars in total student loan debt.  Of that trillion dollar debt, almost 85 billion dollars is currently past due.  

If you’re struggling to make your student loan payments, help is available.  Our trained counselors can help you bring your student loan debt under control by:

  • Explaining the important characteristics of your current loans,  
  • Exploring the best available repayment options, 
  • Providing instructions on how to rehabilitate a loan in default, and 
  • Offering education on consolidation, forgiveness, deferment and more. 

To speak to a student loan counselor, call 888.922.9723.

What do I need for my counseling session?

It’s highly recommended that you have your Federal student aid PIN available when you call.  If you no longer have access to your PIN, you can change or reestablish your PIN at

Student Loan Counseling is a nonprofit, fee-for-service program.

Call 888.922.9723

You don't have to face overwhelming student loan debt by yourself.  Let us help you find a solution today.

Student Loan Resources

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Know someone who is college-bound? Help them get prepared. Mapping Your Future has a ton of great resources for soon-to-be college students, including academic and financial prep!

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