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The pre-discharge education course covers a variety of financial and budgeting topics, assuring you have the tools necessary to build a strong financial foundation.  During the bankruptcy education program, you will receive tips and tools for wise money management and credit use. You will also discover how to set achievable financial goals, calculate your net worth, create a livable budget, and build a savings plan.  In addition, the program facilitator will share with you how to obtain credit reports, establish or re-establish credit, dispute errors, and protect yourself from identity theft. Each participant in the teleconference class will receive two workbooks designed for use during and after the course.

For your convenience, the pre-discharge education program is available by telephone and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at The bankruptcy education program is available in English and Spanish. 

Upon completion of the pre-discharge bankruptcy course, you will be promptly issued a certificate of participation that allows you to proceed and apply for the bankruptcy discharge certificate.  Timely certificate delivery is offered by email, fax, or mail.

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Q: How long is the bankruptcy education course?
Each individual’s financial situation is unique.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone benefits from the program. The program is designed to be a comprehensive course that covers a variety of financial and budgeting topics. Please plan to dedicate at least 120 minutes for your bankruptcy education course.
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