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  • Tis the season to just say "no"
    Submitted by: Jesse Campbell on April 11, 2016

    Tis the Season to Just Say “No”

    Summer's on the horizon, which means more weddings, reunions, and assorted gatherings than you can possibly afford to attend. Time to learn how to say "no." 

  • Tips for cutting down on wedding expenses
    Submitted by: Jesse Campbell on June 28, 2015

    Tips to save money on your wedding

    A recent poll reveals that most Americans think it's better to have an affordable wedding and save money for your new life together. Here are a few ways to keep your wedding costs in check.

  • Five hard truths of vacation planning
    Submitted by: Jesse Campbell on May 06, 2015

    Family on vacation 

    Summer is coming! Creating a fun, memorable, and affordable vacation experience is no easy task, but it's possible and it all starts by accepting these five hard truths about vacation planning.

  • MMI housing counselor named HPF Counselor of the Year
    Submitted by: sitecore\jhorton on June 26, 2013

    Daniel Burnham is HPF Counselor of the Year

    As National Homeownership Month comes to an end, we are thrilled to congratulate Daniel Burnham, one of our very own housing counselors, who was named the 2012 Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) Counselor of the Year

    Over the last several years, HUD-approved housing counseling organizations like MMI have provided effective foreclosure prevention counseling to millions of struggling homeowners. 

    In fact, according to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), recent studies have demonstrated that struggling homeowners who receive housing counseling are 67 percent more likely to remain current on their mortgage after receiving a loan modification than are non-counseled borrowers. 

    These studies demonstrate the important role that housing counseling agencies can play in assisting the nearly five million homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage or already in foreclosure. 

    In the last year alone, HPF received more than one million calls from homeowners across the country. And, according to HPF, “It is because of compassionate, professional counselors like Mr. Burnham that so many homeowners are able to reach a sustainable solution and avoid foreclosure.” 

    Congratulations, Daniel!

  • How to save money when you're in debt
    Submitted by: sitecore\jhorton on February 26, 2013
    Loose change in jarReports show that for many Americans, saving for emergencies isn't a priority — especially for those focused on repaying debt. In honor of America Saves Week, we offer five easy ways to build a financial safety net — regardless of your situation!
  • Study shows majority of consumers fear identity theft
    Submitted by: sitecore\jhorton on October 19, 2012
    As part of National Protect Your Identity Week, we offer the eight things you can do right now to ensure your smartphone data is safe.
  • Take the Financial Literacy Month Challenge and you could win $500!
    Submitted by: sitecore\jhorton on April 04, 2012

    April is Financial Literacy Month, and this year we're encouraging you to share the wealth for a chance to win big!

  • Are you protecting yourself?
    Submitted by: sitecore\jhorton on March 07, 2012
    MMI encourages consumers to add an extra layer of security to their finances in recognition of National Consumer Protection Week.
  • Simple steps lead to big saving
    Submitted by: sitecore\jhorton on February 22, 2012

    One in four Americans has more credit card debt than emergency savings, according to a new poll by

     Studies showthat 21 percent of Americans — 38 percent of those with incomes less than $25,000 — think that winning the lottery represents the most practical way for them to accumulate several hundred thousand dollars.

    According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), 64 percent of Americans would have to go into debt or sell off possessions to cover a $1,000 emergency, due to lack of savings.

    Save moneyIt’s startling numbers like these that inspired America Saves Week, a national campaign aimed to encourage individuals and families to build wealth by saving money. Because most Americans today are not saving adequately for retirement, and most lower-income households do not have adequate emergency savings for unexpected expenditures, the message accompanying this national movement is needed now more than ever.

    It’s no secret that tough economic times can make saving difficult, which is why America Saves Week 2012, running Feb. 19 to Feb. 26, is focused on a simple set of instructions that – if followed – can make anyone a successful saver. The instructions may sound basic, but they are the foundation for financial success: Set a goal. Make a plan. Save automatically.

    • Set a Goal. You can save more by having a goal in mind. Visualizing what you want to save for gives your savings a purpose. You may be tempted to withdraw from your savings if it has no purpose. But once you have a goal in place, you know that taking money out of your savings is taking away from that ultimate goal. So, what are you saving for?
    • Make a Plan. Once you have your goal in place, make a plan of how you are going to save. To start, cut down on your spending and reduce high-cost debt. Next, keep track of what you spend and make a budget. Once you know where your money is going each month, you can cut down on unneeded spending and save the difference. Don’t forget to keep your savings safe, secure, and growing. Banks, credit unions and even the government offer a variety of financial products that can help you save.
    • Save Automatically. It can be hard to put aside money for savings. But there is an easy way to save money without ever missing it. Once you know how much you can save, make saving automatic. Many employers allow you to divide your paycheck into different accounts through direct deposit. Take advantage by putting part of your pay into a savings account. If you get paid in cash, take a small amount to the bank to deposit into a savings account each week.

    Knowing what you want to save for, how to achieve it and then making the savings process automatic will allow you to reach your savings goal. Visit to find more information about America Saves Week. There, you can find savings strategies and you can take the pledge to become an American Saver.

  • Score big with a frugal Super Bowl party
    Submitted by: sitecore\jhorton on January 25, 2012

    Super Bowl party

    If you’re planning to throw a game-watching party Feb. 5, as the New York Giants face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, you’re not alone. According to Bloomberg News, an estimated 34.9 million Americans threw Super Bowl parties in 2011, and 61.2 million people attended a Super Bowl party.

    So whether you’re hosting a large group of people or you’re having an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family, the following are a few tips to ensure you score big without spending big bucks.

    • Set a budget and stick to it. The best thing about a Super Bowl party is that it doesn’t require a lot of planning in the way of entertainment and decorations – as long as you own a TV. So when you are determining your budget the only things you really need to account for are food, drinks and plenty of napkins. So once you determine how much you can – and are willing – to spend, stick to it!
    • Make your own pizza and wings. Let’s face it, pizza and hot wings are a staple on Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, Americans are expected to consume 1.25 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday alone. While there are sure to be plenty of deals on take-out pizza and wings on the big day, you may be able to save money by making the items yourself. Download our free Cheap Eats eBook for a great, inexpensive pizza recipe. And if you’re planning on serving wings, it’s a great time to break out the slow-cooker. You can prepare them ahead of time and keep them warm throughout the entire game.
    • Avoid pre-made snack trays. You know those convenient trays full of high-priced fruits and veggies at the grocery store? You can create the same spread for a fraction of the price if you’re willing to take a few extra minutes to cut up the veggies yourself. The same goes for those meat and cheese appetizer trays. You would be shocked at the mark-up on these products compared with the cost of making it yourself. You could avoid the cost of appetizers altogether by making your Super Bowl party a potluck. Simply have each guest bring an appetizer or dessert to share with the group.
    • Make it BYOB. The biggest cost you will incur for the big game is bound to be alcohol, if you’re planning on serving it. One of the easiest ways to cut back on this cost is to make your party a BYOB. Make it fun and have everyone bring their favorite beer or wine to share with everyone, or simply say you’ll supply the first round, but if your guests plan to drink they should bring their own. Have a few two-liter bottles of soda handy for those who don’t plan on partaking in alcoholic beverages. The two-liter bottles cost a lot less than cans, and if you stick with store-brand soda you can save even more.
    • Use real dishes and flatware. While disposable dishes are more convenient, you are literally throwing way money at the end of the night. Why not save the money and use your own dishes and flatware? If you don’t have enough, you can always borrow some place settings from family and friends.

    Remember not to stress too much over the details. Sit back and enjoy yourself — it is a party afterall. And even if your team doesn't win, at least you'll know you've won big by pulling off a bash without breaking the bank. So start practicing your endzone dance now!

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