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by sitecore\jhorton on June 28, 2013

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Do creditors have the right to garnish my wages?

Recently I had a credit card balance turned over as an unpaid debt. The last words I had with the creditor was that whoever would attempt to collect this would have the right to garnish my wages because I am working. Is this true? Where can I go to find out exactly what my rights are?  - Gerry 


Each state sets their own laws as to what, and how, a creditor can collect on a delinquent account. Some states permit a creditor to garnish a debtor’s wages, others don't. 

Some states exempt just about all assets a debtor has from seizure by a creditor to satisfy the payment of a debt. Other states can force you to sell some of your assets to satisfy a judgment. 

For a list of state and county consumer protection offices, please visit the Federal Citizen Information Center

Ask the Experts 

Can money management services like yours work with the credit card companies and get the collection agencies off my back?

I have a question regarding repayment of credit card debts. I have two credit cards which have been turned over to collection agencies. I know that the collection agencies will not work with CCCS or MMI but can money management services like yours work with the credit card companies themselves and get the collection agencies off my back?  - Patricia 


It is definitely worth your time to visit with a MMI counselor. MMI works with thousands of creditors, including collection agencies, to repay your debts. Once a plan is established and the creditor begins to see regular payments from you, collection calls and letters should stop! 

Call a counselor at 866.530.9869 or fill out an online counseling form, they’re standing by 24/7 to answer your questions!  

Ask the Experts 

Will I be able to use credit while on a Debt Management Plan? 

Will I be able to use my credit while on a Debt Management Plan?  - Anna 


In regards to your being able to include only certain credit cards on the program, our mission and purpose is to help people get out of debt. The only way that can be done is if no further charges are made on your accounts while you are on the program. 

However, as with any rule, exceptions are made for justifiable reasons. When arranging to start your program, discuss with your counselor your reason for wanting to keep some cards active. If your counselor feels your reason is justified, you will still be able to utilize these cards. 

Ask the Experts


Gary Maddox says:
July 08, 2013

PEF Credit Union was liquidated 6/21/13 on 12/ 20/12 executed a garnishment from a 4 year old judgement. Does the garnishment survive the liquidation of PEF Credit Union

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