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Blogging for Change Blogging For Change
by Tanisha Warner on January 06, 2012

Weight and debt

Every New Year, shedding weight and debt is at the top of the list for millions of people resolving to change for the better. According to a recent Time magazine news report, these two are also among the most often broken resolutions.

While experts have offered numerous techniques and strategies for losing weight and paying down debt, the basic fundamental lifestyle change required to be successful at both is the same: Consume less. Financial stability begins with spending less than you make, followed by paying more on what you owe. Losing weight begins with consuming fewer calories, and becoming more active.

If you are among the millions vowing to finally achieve a healthy waistline and a healthy bottom line, consider the following five steps:

  1. Make the commitment. When considering any major lifestyle adjustment, the first step is to decide – are you ready to make the commitment to do what it takes to improve your health and financial wellbeing? Are you ready to accept responsibility for changing your situation? Do you believe that you can and will change the way you make decisions about food and money? It isn’t until you can truthfully answer yes to these questions that you will be ready to face the challenges of creating a healthier physical and fiscal lifestyle.
  2. Create a plan. Creating a budget and a meal plan starts with tracking – tracking expenses and tracking calories. Consider carrying a pocket notebook for noting every penny spent and calorie consumed. Review your results and look for areas where you should and can make cut backs.
  3. Develop SMART goals. One of the most vital aspects to success in these areas is to set clear goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, trackable and rewarding. Remember to create short-term, or milestone, goals as well as a target accomplishment. If your ultimate goal is to become debt free, celebrate when you pay off 25 percent. The same goes with weight lost. If you aspire to lose 50 lbs., acknowledge ever five to 10-lb. loss as a huge accomplishment. Treat yourself to an occasional outing for a treat when you reached a short-term goal weight.
  4. Eliminate temptations. Once you have a clear calorie and spending budget outlined, remove any obstacles that may hinder your success. Don’t carry your credit cards in your wallet and don’t keep high-calorie sweets in the house. Leave your cards at home in a safe place and only take them out when you have a planned purchase and a pay-off strategy. The same is true for food temptations. If you know you’re going to be in an environment where you’ll be tempted to indulge, prepare yourself by carrying a granola bar with you, or eat a light snack before you leave the house.
  5. Stay flexible. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the pounds or debt melting away as quickly as you had hoped. Change doesn’t happen overnight; and there are no quick fixes. This is why it’s important to remain committed and flexible. If you aren’t meeting your goals, revisit and adjust your plans as often as necessary.

Remember, you’re only human and set-backs are inevitable. But if you’re truly committed to your goals, you can overcome anything.


Linda says:
January 12, 2012

Ah...words of wisdom to be sure! Great article. Whenever I try to pass along the wealth of information that you share, people look at me as if I'm crazy! Paying off debt is NOT easy...most people are looking for a very low payment plan which would extend their debt for 40 years if not more. And, that's not how it works - it's difficult, very difficult. I faced the facts and knew that I created the debt and I was obligated to pay for it - it's a slow road and one must make the commitment to forego quite a bit of enjoyment. I'm more than half way through. Every month I scrape up the money to make my obligation to MMI. The day after the automatic payment comes out of my account, I'm planning on stretching my dollar to make the next payment. It is like anything in life...there are difficult times and you have to make the best of it. You have to be absolutely committed to reaching a goal. One thing I'm certain about: I will never, ever allow myself to revisit the abyss of debt. I am so very thankful to MMI Counselors who didn't make me feel ashamed when I went for my session. That's the biggest step one can take. I was so embarrassed even though much of what I owed was to the economy and illness. When you take that first step towards a counselling session, I think you're well on your way to clearing you life from debt. I thank you for your article and I thank you for your help. Linda in CT

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