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Blogging for Change Blogging For Change
by sitecore\kmcgrigg on September 15, 2010

I am pleased to announce that we are aligning all of our Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) branch locations under one name: Money Management International (MMI).

Unifying all 120 of our branch office locations under one name will allow the us to better serve our customers while operating under a name that better represents the variety of programs and services MMI offers.

Since 1958, many of MMI’s local branch offices have operated under the CCCS name. However, CCCS has become a broad term and is used by many other agencies across the country; often causing confusion as to which local CCCS agencies are a part of the MMI family. The name change will also support MMI’s growing presence in the community and broaden the awareness of service offerings beyond traditional credit counseling to areas such as housing assistance; reverse mortgage counseling; and bankruptcy counseling and education.

Though the name will change, the high-quality service and meaningful financial education we provide everyday remains the same. Education is still our primary focus and our counselors and employees are committed to providing clients with the resources, tools, and information they need to secure a healthy financial future.

The transition from CCCS to MMI is currently underway and is slated for full completion by the end of the year. To learn more about the history of MMI, visit the Culture section of our website.

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AEKSDpMLtVKAvo says:
June 03, 2012

With Credit counseling, the crdeit counseling company works with your crdeitors to have your interest rates lowered so you can pay off your debt faster. You normally will make one payment to the company and they will distribute it to all your crdeitors. Usually takes 4-7 years to become debt free. The Negative to crdeit counseling is that while your crdeit score itself will usually not be negatively effected by enrolling in a crdeit counseling program, your ability to establish new crdeit, or any use of existing crdeit for that matter, will be abolished. Throughout the duration of the program, it is unlikely that you will be able to qualify for a home loan, car loan, or any other is hard to get a loan or crdeit card during this period. Also, although interest rates are usually (but not always) lowered for consumers in crdeit counseling programs, the monthly payments typically will stay the same as your minimum payments, and sometimes more. That means, for consumers that are truly struggling or unable to make their minimum monthly crdeit card payments, this option will not provide cash flow relief. With Debt Relief, the debt settlement company can help people that are truly struggling with crdeit card debt, by representing them in negotiations with crdeitors to secure settlements of anywhere between 40-60% of the amount of debt owed (at time of enrollment). Of the debt relief options, debt settlement is the least expensive, and shortest in length, with most debt settlement programs averaging between 24-48 months in length.The Negatives to debt relief include negative marks on your crdeit for up to seven years. Also, most crdeitors will report the forgiven debt as income and will send you a 1099c form. You have to report this as additional income on your taxes which would increase the amount of taxes you owe on your tax return. Here is an article that can help you in your search. It is a review of a company I personally used. I was in a simillar situation as you and they where able to help me pay off my debt in 2 years. My crdeit rating actually went from the mid 500s to a 680. My debt to income ratio was reduced to nearly nothing which was the main reason for the increase, but they also assisted in removing negative marks on my crdeit and unlike debt consolidation, or debt settlement, I don't have to worry about any negative marks following me around for the next 7 years. Thanks to them, I was able to get a loan for a home (just in time before the $ 8000 tax crdeit ended phew).Good Luck!!

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