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Blogging for Change Blogging For Change
by sitecore\kmcgrigg on March 22, 2010

If your request to remove an erroneous item on your credit report is denied after going through the dispute process, Section 611b of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) entitles you to add a statement (100 words or less) to your file giving your version of the dispute. The credit bureau must normally include a summary of your statement in future reports. If you’re thinking of telling your story, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Assess the damage. Make sure you have seen recent versions of your credit reports from all three bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to determine where the offending information appears. The three bureaus are separate companies and may contain slightly different information. You can obtain free copies of your credit reports annually by visiting
  2. Go through the dispute process first. Make sure you have gone through the formal dispute process before adding a statement to your file(s). If you have submitted a dispute, have you waited long enough for the process to work? Adding a consumer statement should be your last resort. 
  3. Determine if it’s worth it. While adding a statement may make a difference in some rare circumstances, don’t overestimate its influence. In fact, it will most likely go unread. Today, most lending decisions are not made by an individual—they are made by a "credit scoring" system. A credit score is basically a statistical formula creditors use to determine your creditworthiness and adding a statement does not improve your credit score. 
  4. Write your statement. Be honest, and obviously, concise. For example, if you are divorced and have a defaulted loan on your credit report that was supposed to be paid by your spouse, briefly describe the situation along with any facts that support your claim that the problem was not your fault. Be sure to stick to the facts; your credit report is not a good place to bash an ex. In fact, it is very important to choose your words carefully because they cannot be edited or deleted. 
  5. Submit your statement. You can submit your statement to the credit bureaus by mail or online. Check the bureaus’ Web sites for specific instructions.

Information on how to add a consumer statement can be found at:,, and


Alex says:
April 16, 2013

This article was awesome!! Thank you. Being fairly new to the credit arena I am constantly trying to gather as much information as possible to try and keep myself headed in the right general direction. Spending some time on this post has actually given me a lot of great points to think about. In my recent research I have also been able to find some pretty useful information related to this topic when I Googled the credit locker university. This was helpful as well. Thanks again!

Anonymous says:
July 10, 2011

Our failed business resulted in our bankruptcy.

credit check says:
July 12, 2012

I love to read and appreciate your work.

Jessica says:
April 12, 2010

It is important to note that most lenders these days base their credit decisions on your credit score rather than looking at your actual credit report. For this reason, the effectiveness of a consumer statement is somewhat limited these days. In addition, some credit experts claim that such a statement will actually lower your credit score. Therefore, it is better to add such a statement only if you've exhausted all other remedies. If you do add a statement, it will remain on your credit report for two or three years and then be deleted by the credit bureau.

Kenneth Pye says:
January 12, 2017

In the past week I have received two letters denying me credit due to too many inquiries.I have also received a Lowe's credit card in the mail in the name of PAE. I never made application to these companies, nor do i intend to apply for additional credit in the foreseeable future. I suggest you view any subsequent applications very suspiciously. I very soon will have a hostile former wife who is now credit thirsty.

Pamela fobbs says:
December 02, 2016

Last month credit report took $ 100.00 dollar off my card without ask in today they took $14:00 dollar off today

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