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Blogging for Change Blogging For Change
by sitecore\kmcgrigg on September 28, 2009
We all know that money problems aren’t only about money. Financial problems have far-reaching impacts in many aspects of our lives. For example, we know that financial problems prevent people from doing a good job at work. We also know that financial problems are one of the top reasons couples fight. But can it really be proven that debt impacts your health? To find out, I contacted a few folks who have recently repaid their debt and asked them if there were health benefits to debt repayment. The responses flooded in! Here are a just few:

“We are healthier as now we can afford better quality foods (more fruits, leaner meats, we can even eat salmon which is our favorite fish! etc)”

“I am less stressed (only good stress - not financial stress!!!). I am much healthier.”

“It is amazing how the added stress of bad financial decisions can affect ones health, but thanks to (debt repayment) I do exercise more and eat healthier."

“I got benefits, take care of myself, feel better about my body and my mind."

“I am happy to say I finally have health insurance through my work which I couldn't afford before with all the debt I had.”

“I feel pretty good, a little over weight (20 lbs), but all in all I'm in pretty good shape. I do many things now that I wouldn't have dreamed of before I repaid the debt.”

“In the sense that I feel less worried about money and the future, I'd say I’m healthier!”

“I have managed to save money up for health equipment and other exercise habits like a gym membership.”

“I am healthier, I exercise, and I feel I have more free time.”

“My life has changed my life for the better. It had got to the point where I was so stressed from work and debt I started smoking. I stopped smoking two years a go. I am less stressed and healthier.”

“I sleep better!”

“You may not think so, but carrying a bunch of debt also affects your health and mental well being. Paying off my debt has allowed me to walk and talk with more confidence.”

“I feel I am unbelievably more emotionally healthy than I've ever been before. I no longer lose sleep at night or have panic attacks from the fear I carried before.”

While debt repayment won't guarentee that you will never get sick, it clearly has the potential to benefit both your physical and emotional health. Are financial problems impacting your health? Or, has debt repayment improved your emotional and physical well being? If so, please share your story through the comments section.
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John DeFlumeri Jr says:
September 29, 2009

Yes, I agree. We feel much better and we do sleep better since we got rid of a few of the monthly debts.

Max says:
October 02, 2009

I am definitely less stressed since I paid off my credit card debt. I was over $10,000 in debt on my credit cards due to various financial stresses and bad decisions, and believe me, it's not fun knowing your future earnings are going towards your past mistakes. But I worked through it and paid off as much as possible each month until I was finally out of debt. It gave me back a sense of control and removed that nagging stress that was always handing over my head. Of course, one wants to celebrate their financial freedom by going out and spending a lot of money, but I like to believe I'm a little wiser now and less quick to grab my credit card when I need more money than I can afford to spend. The stress is definitely down though, there's no doubt that paying off your debt makes you feel a lot better. Now I just have to work on my other debts like my student loan and mortgage, but I'll get there eventually and hopefully one day be completely debt free.

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