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Blogging for Change Blogging For Change
by sitecore\kmcgrigg on March 06, 2009
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of talking with several elementary school children about money. On camera, I asked them to give some financial advice to grown-ups. Some of their great suggestions were don’t spend more than you earn, only eat out once a month, don't buy things you don’t need, and don't go over your cell phone minutes. My personal favorite piece of advice: “Don’t be a fool!”


Anna-Marie says:
March 06, 2009

I just think it is amazing how profound the kids' statements are and they flowed so freely with the advice! So cute to watch them talk while rocking away in the chair...just precious.

Kim says:
March 06, 2009

Thanks. It was so fun to make. Kids are so smart (and funny!)

Mary Jane says:
March 13, 2009

It you really, really want to know the truth boiled down to basics, ask a child.

Stuart Fleming says:
May 19, 2009

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Tanisha Warner says:
March 09, 2009

I love it! This was so fun to watch. They are so smart. How come adults can't keep things as simple and practical as kids! It’s so clear....don’t be fool with your money!

the weakonomist says:
March 06, 2009

I hope you are able to help them keep their ideas strong as they get older. Don't be a fool is the statement of the decade. We all forgot that we are surrounded by fools, and so we started acting like fools ourselves. Great video!

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