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Blogging for Change Blogging For Change
by sitecore\kmcgrigg on November 03, 2008

There is a retailer that sends me coupons in the mail—a lot of coupons. It seems like every single week I receive at least one coupon good for 20% off one regularly priced item. While I have occasionally loved the 20% discount (especially when it helped me to afford my beloved Dyson), these coupons more often lead to feelings of hostility. Let me explain.

When I leave my house in the morning, I resemble a pack mule. In addition to bulk items like my purse, my laptop, items to be returned, and my lunch, I am also loaded down with paper in the form of receipts, permission slips, post-it note reminders, business cards, and the newspaper. When I am really on-the-ball, this pile of paper includes coupons; unfortunately, I am not often that on-the-ball.

Being couponless in a coupon-offering store makes me angry, so I tend to avoid paper-driven-discount retailers whenever possible. I know that I could ask the retailer to honor a coupon that I left on my kitchen counter and hope that they agree, but there are sometimes when I am simply not in the mood to barter. On those non-bartering days, I have been known to shop a competitor’s store so I simply don’t have to face paying 20% more than the more on-the-ball shoppers.

I can’t find any research that suggests that my feelings are shared by others. Are you ever avoided a store because they offer coupons? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Anna says:
November 03, 2008

More than hating the retailer's coupons, I hate myself for always forgetting them! Unless I find myself in desperate need for something at the store that regularly sends me coupons, I usually wait to purchase the items until I remember to bring the coupon. So yes, I have avoided a store on a particular day because I didn't have a coupon, but it hasn't led me to another store.

Kim McGrigg says:
November 04, 2008

Anna, I admire your patience! Kim

Kim McGrigg says:
November 03, 2008

I make lists too, but I usually forget them (along with the coupons!) on the kitchen counter. :)

Michael says:
November 03, 2008

I will go out of my way to go to a store if I have a killer coupon. If I get a coupon from a retailer, I usually find the same item online or somewhere else cheaper than it is at the store with the coupon. As for forgetting stuff, try to make a list. Lists work great, especially at the grocery store, and other areas of your life. I would like to know more about people that make lists and if they are better off or just the same as people that do not make lists.

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