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Blogging for Change Blogging For Change
by sitecore\kmcgrigg on June 24, 2008

The back-to-school sale on Macs is happening now.  During yesterday’s trip to the mall, I had to wade through fleece-lined boots to find the flip-flops (on sale!) When I got home, I discovered that a Hallmark flyer promoting holiday ornaments has hit the streets.

It is 92 degrees outside. Do I really have to think about going back-to-school, what I’ll wear in the fall, and how I will adorn my holiday tree?!

I am going to pick on the holidays, since they are more than six months away. I know that early holiday planning can make good financial sense. For starters, shopping early can be convenient. You’re less likely to run into crowds and you can spread your holiday budget out over several months. However, for many people, the more time they have to shop, the more time they have to spend. And the results of MMI’s recent survey found that the majority of consumers can’t afford to spend money on luxury items right now.

Perhaps we can view early-bird promotions as harbingers of what is to come. Like any periodic expense, the holidays are something we can prepare for. Begin saving a small amount each month into a separate account. You can start today by calling your bank or credit union and arranging for the money to be automatically deducted.

While it may be hard to think of snowflakes and candy canes in the sweltering summer heat, early holiday planning can make good financial sense.

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Jenny says:
August 01, 2008

When buying for the holidays, this is what we started doing a couple of years ago after we joined MMI and no longer had credit cards to use. I created a spreadsheet to determine who we needed to buy for and what amount we will spend on each person. Every week when my husband gets paid we purchase a gift card. If we are getting items at Target or Wal-Mart we just add a $20 gift card. Every now and then we run and get one from Kohl's or Home Depot or another store like that. We keep all of these gift cards in a Christmas jar that I bought on sale for 50 cents. When it is time to shop during the holidays we just get out the gift cards and go shopping! We have already spent the money so we don't have to stress about our budget!!!

Zynda Sellers says:
June 26, 2008

I cannot stand the whole "buy, buy, buy" advertising because it's "back to school" time. And the fact that kids are barely even out of school (it's the end of June!!) just further makes me cringe with how ridiculous such marketing has become. And is it just me, or do plaid skirts always seem to be making a comeback in these seasonal ads???

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