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Do I have to pay my rapid refund loan if the IRS sent the refund to me instead of the bank?

Last year when I filed my income taxes, I used a rapid refund loan from the bank to get my $2,000 back quicker. The IRS was supposed to send my refund to the bank to pay off my loan. Instead, the IRS sent the check to me. So I kept it. I figured it was their mistake and it was up to the bank and the IRS to work it out. But the bank has reported me to the credit bureau. How can I get this off my report? -Martin


"Finders keepers, losers weepers," does not apply to legal contracts.

You signed a loan contract with the bank agreeing to repay the $2,000 that they loaned you. If you don't repay, the bank has the right to try to collect the debt and report the account to the credit bureau. If you want the bank to report the account as paid, you'll need to pay back the loan.

You knew that the check you received was to be used to pay off the loan, so it is time to take responsibility and repay this loan as soon as you can.

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