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Ask the Experts

Ask The Experts

How do I restore my credit?

It's been three years since I've moved from California and since then I haven't received any past due bills from prior credit cards, but I know I owe the companies money. I also wrote two bad checks while attending college and I've been trying to clear it. How do I go about finding out what and who I owe? And since I wrote a bad check that bounced does that hurt my credit? If yes, how much, and I do I go about restoring my credit? -Campbell


Your first step is to review your credit reports. There are three main credit reporting agencies. I recommend you take a look at all three since they may contain different information. You can obtain free copies of your credit reports annually by visiting

The reports are very easy to read and will provide you with the contact information for your creditors.

Your bounced checks should not appear on your credit report, but the information may have been supplied to ChexSystem. Many banks and credit unions use the services of ChexSystems. This negative information will remain in ChexSystems database for five years. If you wish to get a copy of your ChexSystem file showing what information is entered, please go to ChexSystems web site:

Ask the Experts
Ask The Experts

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