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Ask the Experts

Ask The Experts

What should I do if a collection company won't answer my questions?

Recently, my husband was sent a letter from a collection agency stating that we have a balance owed. This is the first time we have received anything stating that we owed this money. When questioned as to what the bill is for, and when, this company has no answers just that we owe and it has to be paid or it will go on his credit report. Now what are our options at this point? - Gwen


Because you do not remember this transaction ever taking place, it makes sense to dispute the debt. The ability to do this falls under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, not the Fair Credit Billing Act. I recommend you dispute the debt in writing and keep copies of all correspondence for your files. If the item appears on your credit report, the creditor must immediately inform them that the debt is being disputed. To read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, visit

Ask the Experts
Ask The Experts

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