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Ask the Experts

Ask The Experts

How can I update my balances?

I need to update my balances. -Mike


You can access your creditor balances on Log in to your client account and click the Update Account Balances button or access your creditor accounts through Creditor Accounts/Creditor Balances. This will give you access to update each balance. You will be required to update the statement closing date and current balance. Optional information that you can update includes: due date, last payment amount, finance charge amount, fees and annual percentage rate (APR).

I would also like to inform you about the convenient online eStatements option. Signing up for eStatements allows you to retrieve your monthly statements online. You will receive an e-mail alerting you when the statement is available. The latest three eStatements will be retained online, but you can also save the eStatement electronically on your own computer or print it for your files. Using eStatements means your statement will be available the day it’s produced, not delayed by relying on standard mail delivery. This option can be accessed through your online access account at I hope that this enhances your experience with Money Management International. 

Ask the Experts 

Ask The Experts

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