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Ask The Experts

If I call to inquire about your Debt Management Plan, am I obligated to sign up?

I am very interested in your debt counseling program, but if I inquire on how you can help and what kind of program you can offer, am I obligated to sign up? I would like to shop around for the best option for us. Is this possible in a situation like this? Also, I am not clear on one issue: if you make arrangements with our creditors to accept lower payments based on our income, but they do not lower the interest rate, won't it take us forever to pay them off? -Brill


The Debt Management Plan (DMP) is totally voluntary. We welcome you to "shop around" and are confident you will find MMI's services superior.

Your counselor will be able to give you the specifics about lower payments and interest rates based on your unique situation. We obviously want you out of debt as quickly as possible too!

Good luck, 

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