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Ask The Experts

What should I do about a friend who owes me money?

In October, I loaned my friend of 12 years $4,000. I wrote her a personal check for the amount of the loan. She verbally agreed to pay me back all of her income tax refund. Well, she got her income tax and spent it all, without notifying me. I called her and she said that she would pay me $100/week until balance was paid. That was three weeks ago and I haven't heard from her. I am a single parent and trying to go to school. She knows I need it. What can I do? -Cathy


I am sorry you are dealing with this delicate issue.

Since your friend has not kept her end of the bargain, it is past time that you begin treating the loan like you would any other business matter. Discuss the terms of the agreement and put the details in writing. Be sure to list both parties involved, the interest rate, due dates, payment amounts, and penalty for late or missed payments. Document the date and time of any letters or phone calls, and be sure to make note of all the responses to your attempts. Your records may be necessary if you plan to take the matter to court, or if you plan to write the debt off as non-business bad debt on your next tax return.

Keep in mind that by taking this approach, your friend may accuse you of not being a good friend. However, as your friend has not repaid you as promised, know that this was her decision to jeopardize your friendship — not yours.

Good luck, 

Ask the Experts 
Ask The Experts

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