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Ask the Experts

Ask The Experts

Is my divorce decree useless when it comes to credit card debt?

I divorced my husband four years ago. Our divorce decree stated that we were not responsible for each others’ debts. This month, I suddenly received a nasty letter from one of the creditors. Apparently, my ex declared bankruptcy. They claim my divorce decree is useless when it comes to credit card debt. I am in a state of shock; I thought that this couldn't happen. -Linda


I am afraid that the creditor is correct. The divorce decree is between you and your husband and not your creditors. The contracts you signed with your creditors have not changed and cannot be changed by the divorce decree. Your only recourse now may be to file contempt of court charges against your husband for his failure to abide by the terms of the divorce decree. Because these issues are legal in nature, you might want to visit with an attorney.

Ask the Experts
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