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Ask The Experts

Can creditors call you at home and work?

A person recently told me that if you requested a creditor to stop calling you by law they would have to comply. My understanding is they cannot call you at work but they can call you at your home but not in a harassing way. What is correct and where can I find the actual facts? -Tom

Dear Tom,

Your source was correct. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) requires a collector to cease contact after they have received a letter of request from the debtor. The only time a creditor will contact you after receiving the letter is to inform you that they intend to take some specific action.

You are also correct. Collectors are prohibited from harassment, making false statements or engaging in unfair practices. You can read more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices act by visiting

It is very important to understand that a cease in collection practices does not forgive the debt. Continued nonpayment may result in the collector or creditor taking legal action.

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