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Is it standard practice to not notify someone before repossessing their car?

Back in May I financed a car. I fell behind two months. I never got a call or a letter allowing me to rectify the back payment. Then my vehicle was repossessed. I called to find out what I could do to retrieve the vehicle and I was told I could pay them $2,000 in 15 days. I know it was inevitable that they were coming to repossess the vehicle but is that standard procedure not to contact me verbally or in writing? -Renee


It is standard procedure not to contact a person prior to repossession. Imagine what it must be like to reposses a vehicle. It is not personal; the person is only doing the job they were hired to do. Never the less, it is sometimes human nature to “shoot the messenger” and the repossessor never knows how a person will react. Alerting the car owner that a repossession is imminent may only cause further difficulties.

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