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Improve Your Finances Improve Your Life Cover

Chapter OneChapter TenChapter TwoChapter FourConclusion

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Part 1: Your Heart

Chapter 1: Making Positive Changes

Chapter 2: Letting Go Chapter

Chapter 3: Your Values

Part 2: Your Head

Chapter 4: Your Financial Philosophy

Chapter 5: Setting Your Goals

Chapter 6: Set Yourself up for Success

Chapter 7: Protect Yourself

Part 3: Your Habits

Chapter 8: Decrease Spending

Chapter 9: Increase Income

Chapter 10: Decrease Debt

Chapter 11: Increase Savings



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 Improved outlook on life
Better something


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Part 1

Chapter 4: Understanding Your Financial Philosophy



Success stories

"Sitting on floor surrounded by all the papers literally made me feel sick to my stomach. It was a long process and I had to be on my best behavior for years, but eventually it did pay off and I became debt free. It felt amazing and empowering."

"Having proved myself a reformed shopaholic with new-found money management skills, I was approved for an auto loan and purchased a new car that still makes me smile every time I get in. Taking it even a step further, I was approved for a medical/health loan so that I could finance Lasik surgery with one of the best surgeons in town! I quite literally have a new outlook on life and it’s beautiful."
-Ann, achieved debt repayment goal in February 2007