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Our Client Asked:

Dear Advice Team,

I would like to know the specific percentages of your income that should go toward housing, clothing, groceries, entertainment, medical, savings and whatever else I have left out? I just filed bankruptcy and don't want to make the same mistakes again! -Vicki


One of the guidelines MMI uses in advising people on "what to do with your money" is a formula we outline as: 70+20+10=100.

Translated, that means of your net income, no mor More...

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Financial Webinars

Find out how to build savings or manage income by viewing a financial webinar.


How much allowance should you give school-aged children per week?

The flyer in the front of the Sunday newspaper shouted “Over $200 in coupons inside!” Considering the average U.S. family of four spends around $8,513 a year for groceries according to the U.S. Department of Labor, couponing is serious business for food manufacturers.

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Check out our free printable grocery list.

Before you begin making travel arrangements, use this spending plan to prepare a budget.

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