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MMI Joins Sharpen Your Financial Focus Program


Take steps to focus more on improving your overall finances.

Get started today.



Start Time: 10/21/2014 7:00 PM

End Time: 10/21/2014 8:00 PM

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

After completion of this free credit webinar you will know how to understand your credit report, obtain your free report, dispute incorrect information, understand your credit score, and understand how your credit score impacts your financial health.

Start Time: 10/23/2014 2:00 PM

End Time: 10/23/2014 3:00 PM

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Without a spending plan written out we will never gain control over our financial situation.  Learn the components of a spending plan and how to develop a plan to take control over your finances.  This leads to less stress in our lives and a sense of achievement.

Start Time: 10/28/2014 7:00 PM

End Time: 10/28/2014 8:00 PM

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The Holidays can become a financial strain for many families.  It is easy to underestimate the cost of the Holidays and spend more than you may have planned-or can afford.  By following the ABC's of Holiday planning, you can plan your spending and start the New Year on the right track.

Start Time: 10/29/2014 2:00 PM

End Time:  10/29/2014 3:00 PM

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Do you want to get out of debt faster? This free webinar will show you how to pay off debt by using our Fast Track Payoff Plan. You will also learn how to free up additional monies by using the Step-Down Budgeting Plan.