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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Money Management International? Read from our list of frequently asked questions.

Money Management International (MMI) understands that every person is unique. That is why we offer a wide variety of credit & budgeting tools and financial information in a number of formats. Whether you want to read about budgeting, compare loan terms with a calculator, or watch a video about saving, we have a resource for you. To find the topic you’re looking for, in the format you’re most comfortable with, use the navigation bar above.

Budgeting Resources

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A reverse mortgage, also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), is a type of loan that allows older homeowners (62 or older) to convert part of the equity in their homes into tax-free income.
Posted in: Homeownership, Mortgages

Don't wait until your mortgage is delinquent to contact your lender. These tips will help you navigate the process. 

A reverse mortgage is a loan that a credit agency takes out against your home, while you are still living in it. The reverse mortgage doesn’t need to be repaid until the homeowner dies, permanently moves out, or sells their home.

Posted in: Homeownership, Mortgages

When interest rates dip, millions of Americans consider refinancing their home loans to decrease their monthly payments and lock in a lower rate.

Posted in: Homeownership, Mortgages

The American Association of Retired Persons’ (AARP) Web page includes links to obtain their comprehensive consumer guide “Home Made Money.”

Posted in: Homeownership, Mortgages
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