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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Money Management International? Read from our list of frequently asked questions.

Money Management International (MMI) understands that every person is unique. That is why we offer a wide variety of credit & budgeting tools and financial information in a number of formats. Whether you want to read about budgeting, compare loan terms with a calculator, or watch a video about saving, we have a resource for you. To find the topic you’re looking for, in the format you’re most comfortable with, use the navigation bar above.

Budgeting Resources

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Upcoming Dates: February 8

When it comes to passion, no two subjects spark up more heat than… LOVE AND MONEY! This is a webinar specifically for couples learning to manage finances together.

Upcoming Dates: March 8

In the beginning of the new year people often discuss dieting.  Let's discuss how to go on a credit diet and lose debt.

Upcoming Dates: May 10

In celebration of Older Americans Month

We are pleased to welcome you to the new online home of Money Management International (MMI).  The new website has many advantages.

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Money Management International's personalized gift certificates are a great way to show people you care. And, best of all, this gift giving resource is FREE!

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