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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Money Management International? Read from our list of frequently asked questions.

Money Management International (MMI) understands that every person is unique. That is why we offer a wide variety of credit & budgeting tools and financial information in a number of formats. Whether you want to read about budgeting, compare loan terms with a calculator, or watch a video about saving, we have a resource for you. To find the topic you’re looking for, in the format you’re most comfortable with, use the navigation bar above.

Budgeting Resources

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Próximas fechas de: 3 de mayo

Obtenga los detalles sobre cómo funciona la presentación de informes de crédito y puntuación. Mejore su situación financiera manejando apropiadamente su informe de crédito y su puntuación.

Upcoming Dates: May 6

Get the scoop on how credit reporting and scoring works. Improve your financial situation by managing your credit report and your score.

Upcoming Dates: May 10

Trying to pay off debt, but not sure how to get started? This free webinar will show you how to get your debt paid off faster, identify resources for you, and help you to avoid debt in the future.

Upcoming Dates: May 11

A budget allows you take gain control of your financial situation.  Learn how to manage and maintain a budget that works for you.

Upcoming Dates: May 17

Investments will help you to accomplish your long-term goals. Learn how to invest and understand the gains and risks associated with investing.

Show items per page Now showing items 1-5 of 466 Prev | Next