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Financial Solutions is MMI’s comprehensive financial wellness program. The program is designed to help employers, credit unions, banks, and community organizations assist their employees, members, and customers by providing financial education programs that address the most prevalent financial hardships and issues impacting individuals and families.

Dealing with financial concerns can have far-reaching side effects and can be detrimental to a person’s health, emotional and psychological stability, and personal and professional relationships. As part of Financial Solutions, participants will take steps to gain a better understanding of their individual financial situation, learn about ways to change and improve their finances, and develop an action plan for achieving long-term financial success.

Tiered partnership levels

Consumers aren’t the only ones experiencing financial hardship these days. Organizations must also be fiscally responsible. MMI understands and offers two levels of partnership: Basic and Premium. If your organization sees the value in financial education but lacks the budget, a Basic partnership is worth exploring.

On-site education workshops

More than 20 programs are available covering a wide array of topics such as financial planning, setting goals, budgeting, debt management, understanding credit reports and scores, overcoming financial setbacks, and homeownership.

Free credit counseling

Through confidential one-on-one counseling sessions, MMI’s certified credit counselors will help participants understand their overall financial situation, develop an effective budget and spending plan, and create an action plan for success.

Debt management assistance

When appropriate, counselors may recommend a debt management plan (DMP), which is a free resource available to Premium partners. The DMP is designed to help participants pay off their debt through a structured repayment plan.

On demand financial education

Many organizations lack the time and resources to develop custom financial content on their own. Through a host of online tools and resources, Financial Solutions participants can take advantage of financial education material such as videos, downloadable podcasts, eBooks, and worksheets – all hosted on a co-branded landing page.

In addition to online content, you will receive a weekly article covering key financial tips and topics which can be used in your own internal newsletter and website. You will also receive a partner eNewsletter monthly that contains industry information and tips for getting the most value out of your Financial Solutions program.

Marketing support

Ongoing promotion and outreach is the best way to generate results from your Financial Solutions program. MMI removes the guesswork by providing a variety of marketing templates for your organization. You can maintain your brand without investing the time to create custom marketing materials. Marketing tools include inserts, brochures, email copy, flyers, posters, letters, and more.

Is your organization in need of Financial Solutions?

Learn more about the financial peace of mind MMI can offer to members of your organization through the Financial Solutions Program.

Call 866.268.6379 for more information.