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Learn more about how you organization, credit union, or company can benefit from personal financial education through Money Management International's Financial Solutions program.

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Financial Solutions program.


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Q: Who can I contact for more information or to sign up for Financial Solutions?


Contact a financial education expert at MMI now to talk about how our Financial Solutions program can work for you. Call us at 866.268.6379.

They will help develop an action plan and explain the services offered, including:

  • credit counseling;
  • Debt Management Plans;
  • financial education programs;
  • marketing support; and
  • additional services.

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Q: What other financial education services are available at MMI?


MMI offers more than 20 educational programs, relevant to virtually all ages and covering a wide array of topics such as setting goals, budgeting, debt, understanding your credit report, navigating a financial crisis, and owning a home.

  • Free Credit Counseling – Our certified counselors are committed to helping consumers overcome obstacles and reach their financial goals.
  • Debt Management Plans – When appropriate, counselors may recommend a Debt Management Plan (DMP) – a financial tool that helps individuals repay their debts.
  • Other Services and Tools – MMI offers a variety of tools including newsletters and articles, marketing support, training, online podcasts, eBooks, and webinars.

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Q: How many creditors do you work with?

MMI has an established network within the creditor community. With more than 50 years in the credit counseling industry, we have developed strong relationships with many of the nation’s major credit corporations. We work with all unsecured creditors including doctors, attorneys, finance corporations, and collection agencies.

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Q: What is the Financial Solutions program?

The Financial Solutions program is a comprehensive financial wellness program designed by Money Management International (MMI) to help secure your bottom line by addressing the financial issues of your employees, customers, and members. The program offers a proactive approach to counseling and education through the use of MMI’s financial experts and vast selection of financial education tools. Your organization will benefit greatly by providing these vital financial resources to your employees, customers, and members.

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Q: How does a Financial Solutions program help individuals at my organization?


The Financial Solutions program (FSP) by Money Management International (MMI) is designed to assist individuals in reaching their personal financial goals.

The agency’s services are available whether or not individuals are having a financial problem.  Some people just call with quick credit questions or to request information on an appropriate topic. Some just want an objective look at their budget or help in reaching a particular goal, such as increased savings or buying a home. Others need help in looking at options to resolve a debt problem.

Financial education and counseling through the Financial Solutions program is a cost-effective benefit for your organization. To learn more about the program, contact us by calling 866.268.6379.

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Q: Why should I consider Financial Solutions for my organization?


Research shows that an employee worried about money is almost certain to work less efficiently. Stress over financial problems at home leads directly to lower productivity and missed work time – sidetracking your organization’s mission and values.

The bottom line: Your employees’ personal financial problems directly affect your bottom line. For credit unions and banks, financial counseling and education can result in reduced delinquency, stronger loans, and higher deposits.

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Is your organization in need of Financial Solutions?

Learn more about the financial peace of mind MMI can offer to members of your organization through the Financial Solutions Program.

Call 866.268.6379 for more information.