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Financial Solutions for the 21st Century

MMI’s Financial Solutions program addresses the financial issues of your employees and members through a proactive approach to counseling and education. Your organization's mission and values can become sidetracked when personal financial issues lead to losses in productivity, stress-related absenteeism, health problems, or even theft.

Your organization, with help from MMI’s Financial Solutions program, will increase in value by providing these vital financial resources to your staff and members. The Financial Solutions program is available for employers, credit unions, associations, and organizations interested in providing a benefit at a low cost that pays big dividends.

In these tough economic times, financial wellness makes sense for everyone. The program is designed to provide individual help and hope for individuals at your organization at a very low cost. If you would like to learn more about MMI’s Financial Solutions program, please call 866.268.6379.

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Q: Why should I consider Financial Solutions for my organization?
Research shows that an employee worried about money is almost certain to work less efficiently. Financial Solutions can help your organization's employees get back on track with their personal finances and give them peace of mind.