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MMI Announces Expansion of its Student Loan Counseling Services

Posted on November 04, 2014

Sugarland, Texas - Money Management International (MMI), a national nonprofit credit counseling service provider and financial education organization, is pleased to announce the expansion of its student loan counseling program.

"There's never been a greater need for the kind of guidance and unbiased support that student loan counseling provides," said Jeff Davis, vice president of strategic development for MMI. "More than 40 million young Americans now carry well over one trillion dollars in total student loan debt; with many only three years removed from graduation finding themselves in default at staggering rates. At MMI, we are excited to help students better understand their options and make smarter choices when dealing with student loan debt."

Today's student loan borrowers face an uncertain and highly competitive job markets while saddled with enormous debt payments. For many, it is a dangerous financial tightrope. Student loan counseling from MMI is designed to help borrowers find their balance, so they can keep moving forward.

MMI's student loan counseling program offers:

  • Detailed financial analysis and a budget assessment to better understand overall financial capabilities;
  • A comprehensive review of all available student loan repayment options, including specialized programs, such as income-specific plans, deferments and forbearances, loan consolidations, and student loan forgiveness;
  • Education covering potential short- and long-term repercussions for each repayment option; and
  • Unbiased recommendations and assistance with the application process for repayment plans supporting borrowers' unique financial needs.  

After evaluating all appropriate student loan repayment options, borrowers and their student loan counselor will develop a detailed action plan so that every borrower leaves their counseling session with a plan to handle not only their student loan debt, but all their debt obligations and a specific strategy to reach their overall financial goals.

Student loan counseling from MMI can also help borrowers who have become delinquent, defaulted on a student loan, or are concerned about potential wage garnishment.

"The sooner borrowers seek help with their student loan debts, the sooner our trained counselors can help them understand their options for getting those debts under control," added Davis.

For more information about MMI student loan counseling services, call 866.864.8995 or visit

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