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Money Management International Offers Free Credit Report Review Counseling

Posted on October 24, 2013

Money Management International (MMI), the nation’s largest full-service credit counseling agency, announces its newest financial education counseling program designed to help consumer understand their credit reports and scores, as well as the steps needed to improve  their credit rating. Through this free education program, interested consumers can meet one-on-one with a certified credit counselor to learn how to review and assess their credit file, find and correct reporting errors, and develop an action plan to improve credit scores and overall creditworthiness.

Today, a poor credit rating can impact more than the ability to access new loans and credit card accounts.  A negative credit score can affect a person’s ability to lease an apartment and other rental property, limit access to sufficient insurance coverage, and influence hiring decisions.  In fact, according to a 2012 study by the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly half of all U.S. employers check the credit reports of some or all job applicants prior to making an offer.

“With credit playing such a significant role in our financial lives and continue to be one of the biggest barometers of overall responsibility and financial risk, here at MMI, we consider it our responsibility to be a helpful resource for those with a less than desirable credit rating, said Jo Kerstetter,” vice president of education and industry relations for MMI. “We are excited to offer this important program to help consumers understand their credit reports, its impact on their overall finances, and the steps needed to build a good credit score,” offered Kerstetter. 

Consumers who are interested in learning what it takes to build good credit, which ultimately increases purchasing power, establishes creditworthiness, and places individuals and families on the path toward financial success are encouraged to register for MMI’s credit report review counseling session.  To schedule an appointment to speak with a trained credit counselor, visit or call 888.942.9723.