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Posted on May 16, 2012

Money Management International’s 2012 Housing Survey focused on the feelings people have regarding seeking assistance with mortgage troubles.

Survey question overview

  • Have you or a close friend or family member needed assistance making mortgage payments during the past four years?
  • If you were to get behind on your mortgage payments, what resource or option would you consider first?
  • Under what circumstances would you request help with your mortgage?
  • If you are receiving help with your mortgage now, how far behind were you on payments before you sought help?
  • If you were to fall behind on your mortgage payments and needed to seek help, what are your fears concerning the resources and options that are available?

Suggested storylines based on survey findings

  • Most people are not getting any help with their mortgages. In a recent survey conducted by MMI, 80 percent of respondents with mortgages said they are not currently getting any help.
  • Nearly half of people who’d consider getting mortgage assistance are concerned about confusing processes or choosing a solution they didn’t understand. In a recent survey conducted by MMI, 45 percent named that fear.
  • When people consider resources and options for mortgage assistance, their greatest fear is of scams or fraudulent offers. In a recent survey conducted by MMI, 53 percent of respondents said this worries them most.
  • Missing a mortgage payment would lead people to asking for help. In a recent survey conducted by MMI, 27 percent of respondents said if they actually missed one payment, they’d look for help.
  • Job loss is a huge concern for younger people and people with children when it comes to being able to pay their mortgage. In a recent survey conducted by MMI, 70 percent of respondents younger than 35 and 69 percent of people with children would look for help if they lost their job.
  • Loss of a job could also mean loss of a home. In a recent survey conducted by MMI, 57 percent of respondents said loss of a job would cause them to seek mortgage help.
  • Anticipation could lead to asking for help. In a recent survey conducted by MMI, 35 percent of respondents said that if they knew they’d have to miss one mortgage payment, they’d look for help.

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